K a p p o
j e w e l     b a k o


Starting Thursday, October 19th through the holidays, our sister restaurant, Degustation, is excited to announce that we are hosting a pop-up: Kappo Jewel Bako with Chef Nobu Ogura

Kappo means to cut / to cook, utilizing traditional Japanese cooking methods.

The setting of Kappo is similar to a small sushi bar.

Kappo style means sitting at the Chef’s counter and watching him prepare a multi-course set menu / omakase which can involve both raw and cooked, grilled, steamed, braised, and deep fried dishes - some simple, others more complex.

Kappo falls somewhere between traditional Kaiseki cuisine and casual Izakaya style cuisine.



Shira Ae    7
Tofu, Persimmon, Chrysanthemum Leaves, Walnuts

Gobo Soup    8
Scallop Dashi, Miso, Ichimi

Tempura    18
Seasonal Assortment
with tempura dashi, hyogo sea salt and lemon

Charcoal Wagyu    36
Miyazaki Grade A-5
Shio koji marinated


C h e f    N o b u    O g u r a